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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a soft tissue therapeutic technique that addresses restrictions that may occur in the connective tissue of our body. Our entire body is held together from head to toe from this “spider web” of tissue called Myofascial tissue. Restrictions occur within the soft tissue, resulting in pain, inflammation, pressure and tension in any part of the body. These restrictions create an abnormal binding of tissue which can be the result of scar tissue from an injury, a surgery or an accident. It could also occur from repetitive overuse of certain muscles and tendons, or just from the stress and strain of everyday activities.

A Myofascial Release therapist uses a hands on approach utilizing varying pressure to release the “bound up” areas that are causing the pain. One of the primary goals of Myofascial Release is to identify the cause of the patient’s pain. With Myofascial Release we find the pain and look elsewhere for the cause.

Myofascial Release techniques should be performed by an experienced, qualified therapist specifically trained in this method. In order to determine the type of treatment required, the therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation including medical history, posture assessment, movement analysis and begin to identify the type and level of your pain.

At Adjust Physical Therapy, we specialize in Myofascial Release. In addition, we also utilize traditional physical therapy to help our patients return to a pain-free lifestyle. Where other therapy approaches have failed, Myofascial Release could be the missing link to eliminating your pain and discomfort.

Adjust Physical Therapy is the premier clinic for myofascial release treatment in the San Diego area and is listed on the official John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist Directory site