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What our Patients Say

This is to thank you and your staff for all the help you have given me over the last two years. From the first visit, I was very impressed with your knowledge and expertise as a licensed physical therapist. My problems have been difficult to correct but now I am much improved. The people who work with you are just great. They have always been very kind and courteous and are all eager to help in anyway they can. Your entire staff is first-rate and highly professional. I have no hesitation in recommending your office to anyone in need of physical therapy.

- Ron Maurice - Past Retired Patient

Thank you for the outstanding physical therapy you recently provided. Having received physical therapy from another provider several years ago, I was pleasantly surprised to experience the comprehensive treatments you gave at every session. I cannot over emphasize how impressed I was from the start. As you know, my shoulder condition improved very rapidly and that was possible only by your hands-on treatments and regimen of recommended exercises that pinpointed the problem. I have made the highest recommendation on the quality of your treatments to my personal physician. Thanks again and I will miss you all.

- Mike Pent - Retired Lawyer

When I went to see Brian at Adjust Physical Therapy, I could hardly move my neck and I had a bulging disc that was creating pain down my arm into my hand. This was affecting my ability to work and was getting worse. After working with Brian, I am now pain free and back to work. I would like to thank Brian and his staff for helping me return to a pain free active life once again.

- Ross Wiley

I started with Adjust as a possible surgical candidate. Through hard work from Brian and me, we both got my shoulder back into shape and two months later I was released at 100 percent strength back in my shoulder. I personally want to thank Brian and the group at Adjust for the successful work they did on my shoulder.

- Ryan,  Serra High School Varsity Baseball Pitcher

It is with pleasure I offer this testimonial! Brian is nothing less than a miracle worker! From the moment you walk in you are treated with compassion and concern by a professional staff. Through shoulder, foot and knee ailments, I’ve always come through as good or better than new. There’s no one better!

- Nancy Doran

When my orthopedist sent me for physical therapy with Brian McDonald, I was, to say the least, reluctant and very skeptical. I had been to many PTs before and received either no results or, in some cases, reinjury.

However, I decided to try this one last time out of desperation and will be forever grateful that I did. Brian was meticulous in individualizing my PT and I received results right away. I improved with each visit and the results were long lasting.

- Loraine Cummings

Several months ago, I suffered an extended and severe bronchial attack that left me in constant pain in my right chest area, when I inhaled.  Repeated visits to my primary care physician couldn’t resolve the issue (or even diagnose the problem).  On my last visit, my doctor authorized treatment through Brian McDonald, Adjust Physical Therapy.  She said that she’s sent patients with similar issues to Brian in the past and he’s had good success with getting the issues resolved.

To tell you truth, I was unconvinced that I could get this issued resolved through physical therapy, but after 3 months of constant pain and suffering, I was willing to give almost anything a try.   

Brian spent a good piece of time asking me questions and probing my pain through different physical movements.  Afterwards, he described what he believed was the issue (in layman’s terms – seized muscles twisted one of my ribs out of place!)  He went to work on me the same day.  I was sore for a couple of days afterwards, but felt significant relief (30% less pain) after just the first visit.  I returned for 9 more visits and was pain free within 7, with the last 2 working out the little residual discomfort that was left.

Yesterday was my last visit.  I’m so relieved, having previously feared that I might go through the rest of my life with constant chest pain.  I highly recommend Brian and Adjust Physical Therapy to anyone having issues like this.

- Steven von Prisk

I was disabled for almost 4 1/2 years before seeing Brian at Adjust Physical Therapy. I had a chronic migraine that did not leave for a minute the entire 4+ years - giving me not only the head pain, but severe vertigo and exhaustion.

I had been to 17 doctors and specialists, 2 chiropractors, 3 physical therapists, a nutritionist and an accupuncturist. None had a clue as to why my migraine was there or why it would not go away, despite trying almost every migraine drug and treatment.

Then I went to Brian and it took him all of 10 minutes to diagnose the problem - a C1 vertebrae way out of alignment. I felt some pain relief after the first session, went 3 times a week for a month and then just 5 weeks after the first treatment my migraine and all the symptoms had completely disappeared. I can't tell you what a relief it is to have my life back and how I will forever be grateful to Brian for his knowledge and skills that healed me!

-Derek Long

I have been working with Brian McDonald and his staff at Adjust Physical Therapy involving treatment of our mutual patients. Our method involves treating the whole person in a caring and understanding manner. In using a multidiciplinary approach, this allows us to help individuals reduce and control their pain. We have seen successful results in eliminating and significantly decreasing patients pain levels using this approach. I highly recommend Adjust Physical Therapy for individuals who are seeking relief from their pain.

- Alicja Steiner, MD, Board Certified in Pain Management and Anesthesiology

I have suffered on and off from carpal tunnel syndrome for 10 years. I started going to Brian around September 2006 and went twice a week for about 5 months. With his myofascial release therapy, I am now 100 percent pain free! I can’t put in words what this has done to my quality of life! Thank you Brian and Adjust Physical Therapy!

-Suzanne Page, MA

After seeing an osteopath and my rofler for my back and hip pain with no success, I found Brian and Adjust Physical Therapy. With personalized treatment and myofasical release(one of Brian's specialties), I found the relief I needed and was able to return to my daily activities without pain. Brian and the staff are very professional and they made me feel very comfortable with the individualized treatments created by Brian. I have recommended Adjust Physical Therapy to my friends and I would return there without hesitation if needed. A good experience!

- Cathy Fernell

My Doctor referred me to Adjust Physical Therapy for back and side pain that was waking me up at night and getting worse everyday. I had never visited a physical therapist before and wasn't quite sure what I was signing up for (I definitely had some hesitations). Much to my relief Brian and his staff were extremely easy to work with - they put me right at ease. Brian was able to pinpoint the exact source of my pain and quickly evaluated my problem. It was a tricky case, but Brian was able to use a series of techniques and exercises to help my body heal itself and make sure that the injured area stayed healed. He taught me personalized exercises and stretches to help treat my pain at home, between visits, so that recovery would be quicker and more effective. Having just finished up treatment, I can tell you I feel great -100 times better than before I started. Brian's a pro and I absolutely recommend him and the staff at Adjust Physical Therapy!

- Russ Monroe

Right at my first visit to this clinic, I could already tell Brian's techniques were different when I compared them to regular therapies I had in the past. I knew he was specialized in myofasical release, a special technique started by John Barnes. Mentally I already knew what the technique could do, but actually experience it was intriguing. At first I would get sore after each treatment, but the pain would be less a day later. After more treatments I noticed a feeling of lightness on my body and I was doing more things without triggering pain. After about 9 sessions, my neck was looser, I was comfortable now driving on the freeway. One day to my surprise while backing up from a narrow parking spot, I was thrilled that I could actually look back and not have to do a 3 point maneuver to get out. My neck was actually moving and I had a much wider range of motion. That was the point that I knew I was on my way to complete recovery. I was honestly skeptical at first, doubting if the pain relief would last, but it actually did. The pain relief I obtained was a steady process and it sustained. I now have a steady job and I am more active than I was before.

- Julie

Brian and his team at Adjust Physical Therapy are friendly and interactive, making you feel welcome and important. They work as a team to effect recovery, treating problems extending from the original injury, until the root problem has been addressed and corrected. The treatment itself is comprehensive and effective, and requires patient participation both in the office and out for the best results. I always felt like I was part of the process and had ownership in my recovery. I’m happy to say that I can do all the fun things I could before my injury! Thank you Brian and the rest of the team at Adjust Physical Therapy.

- Eva

Open Care Patients Choice Winner 2015

Open Care Patients' Choice Winner

Awarded to Adjust Physical Therapy for their commitment to quality patient care in San Diego.